Improve the look and durability of your garage floor....

Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings Garage floor epoxy finishes are engineered to improve the look of a garage while providing outstanding durability. Epoxy garage flooring is tough enough to withstand vehicular traffic, will not stain, and does not easily scratch. Choose from different patterns, textures, colors, designs and more. The options are endless. Download garage floor epoxy brochure (PDF),

Advantages of Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings

• Ease of maintenance
• Protects the concrete substrate
• Aesthetic improvements
• Hard and abrasion resistant
• VOC free - CA 01350 air quality compliant
• Stain and chemical resistant
• Anti-microbial
• Satin or gloss finish
• Fast set available for quicker turn around time
• Wide selection of colors, patterns, and other options
• Custom logos available

Speedy Installation Existing concrete floors are mechanically ground with diamond plates to create a profile that results in optimal adhesion and the most exotic, high-performance, garage floors systems available on the market. These systems can withstand heavy abuse and extreme environments. Tanim Epoxy's state-of-the-art equipment ensures quick turn-around and a job well done, every time. An average project can be completed in just one day. Typically, most projects are completed in 2-3 days. Completion time varies depending on the process and area/size. Contact Tim to request a quote or to see how a custom solution can make any floor look amazing.

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